Public Hunting - Pineywoods

The Public Hunting Lands Map Booklet and Public Dove Hunting Areas supplement are divided into eight public hunting regions. Most of these public hunting regions are based on population centers like Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston-Beaumont, San Antonio-Corpus Christi, etc. Please check the Map of New Texas Public Hunting Regions to locate the public hunting areas near you.

Each public hunt region has a chart showing which animals may be hunted on each area. Most areas support dove hunting.

Download the entire booklet here: 2013-2014 TPWD Map Booklet for Public Hunting Lands

Region Map and Hunts Offered

733 Anderson County: Big Lake Bottom WMA | Big Lake Bottom WMA aerial map

754 Anderson County: Gus Engeling WMA | Gus Engeling WMA aerial map

2495 Anderson County: Ivy | Ivy aerial map

727 Bowie/Cass/Morris/Titus Counties: White Oak Creek WMA | White Oak Creek WMA aerial map

2463 Henderson County: Trinidad City Lake | Trinidad City Lake aerial view

707 Jasper/Tyler Counties: Angelina Neches/Dam B WMA | Angelina Neches/Dam B WMA aerial map

730 Marion/Harrison Counties: Caddo Lake WMA | Caddo Lake WMA aerial map

747E Nacogdoches County: Alazan Bayou WMA - Blount Tract | Alazan Bayou WMA - Blount Tract aerial map

747W Angelina County: Alazan Bayou WMA - Old River Tract | Alazan Bayou WMA - Old River Tract aerial map

122 Newton County: Campbell Timberland Mgmt Unit 122 | Campbell Timberland Mgmt Unit 122 aerial map

630 Panola County: Sabine River Authority Unit 630 | Sabine River Authority Unit 630 aerial map

902 Sabine/Jasper Counties: Moore Plantation WMA | Moore Plantation WMA aerial map

106 San Augustine County: Campbell Timberland Mgmt Unit 106 | Campbell Timberland Mgmt Unit 106 aerial map

903 San Augustine County: Bannister WMA | Bannister WMA aerial map

615 Shelby County: North Toledo Bend WMA | North Toledo Bend WMA aerial map

732 Smith County: Old Sabine Bottom WMA (Revised) | Old Sabine Bottom WMA aerial map

904 Trinity County: Alabama Creek WMA | Alabama Creek WMA aerial map

Public Hunt Region 1 - Panhandle

Public Hunt Region 2 - Trans-Pecos

Public Hunt Region 3 - Central Texas

Public Hunt Region 4 - Dallas/Ft. Worth

Public Hunt Region 6 - Austin/Waco

Public Hunt Region 7 - Houston/Beaumont

Public Hunt Region 8 - San Antonio/Corpus Christi

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