Public Hunting - Houston/Beaumont

The Public Hunting Lands Map Booklet and Public Dove Hunting Areas supplement are divided into eight public hunting regions. Most of these public hunting regions are based on population centers like Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston-Beaumont, San Antonio-Corpus Christi, etc. Please check the Map of New Texas Public Hunting Regions to locate the public hunting areas near you.

Each public hunt region has a chart showing which animals may be hunted on each area. Most areas support dove hunting.

Download the entire booklet here: 2013-2014 TPWD Map Booklet for Public Hunting Lands

Region Map and Hunts Offered

716 Brazoria County: Nannie Stringfellow WMA | Nannie Stringfellow WMA aerial map

721 Brazoria County: Justin Hurst WMA | Justin Hurst WMA aerial map

2456 Chambers County: Fairview Road (Withdrawn)

J.D. Murphree WMA

783N Jefferson County: Big Hill Unit | J.D. Murphree WMA aerial map

783S Jefferson County: Salt Bayou Unit | J.D. Murphree WMA aerial map

1055 Jefferson County: Sea Rim State Park | Sea Rim State Park aerial map

2070 Jefferson County: Latta Road | Latta Road aerial map

2226 Jefferson County: Bordages Road | Bordages Road aerial view

2228 Jefferson County: South China Road | South China Road aerial view

2380 Jefferson County: South Needmore | South Needmore aerial view

2399 Liberty County: US Highway 90 | US Highway 90 aerial view

2493 Liberty County: Gum Slough | Gum Slough aerial view

729 Matagorda County: Mad Island WMA | Mad Island WMA aerial map

Lower Neches WMA

738 Orange County: Nelda Stark | Nelda Stark Unit aerial map
728 Orange County: Old River | Old River Unit aerial map

712 Orange County: Blue Elbow Swamp - Tony Houseman State Park/WMA | Blue Elbow Swamp - Tony Houseman WMA/SP aerial map

2258 Orange County: Rose City | Rose City aerial view

1044 Walker County: Huntsville State Park | Huntsville SP aerial map

905 Walker/San Jacinto/Montgomerty Counties: Sam Houston National Forest WMA | Sam Houston National Forest WMA aerial map

2055 Waller County: Repka Road | Repka Road aerial view

Public Hunt Region 1 - Panhandle

Public Hunt Region 2 - Trans-Pecos

Public Hunt Region 3 - Central Texas

Public Hunt Region 4 - Dallas/Ft. Worth

Public Hunt Region 5 - Pineywoods

Public Hunt Region 6 - Austin/Waco

Public Hunt Region 8 - San Antonio/Corpus Christi

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