Public Hunting - San Antonio/Corpus Christi

The Public Hunting Lands Map Booklet and Public Dove Hunting Areas supplement are divided into eight public hunting regions. Most of these new public hunting regions are based on population centers like Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston-Beaumont, San Antonio-Corpus Christi, etc. Please check the Map of New Texas Public Hunting Regions to locate the public hunting areas near you.

Each public hunt region has a chart showing which animals may be hunted on each area. Most areas support dove hunting.

Download the entire booklet here: 2013-2014 TPWD Map Booklet for Public Hunting Lands

Region Map and Hunts Offered

Bexar County Complex

2469 Somerset Road | 2469 Somerset Road aerial view
2470 Lone Star Pass | 2470 Lone Star Pass aerial view

2381 Brooks County: Catclaw Creek | Catclaw Creek aerial view

722 Calhoun County: Matagorda Island WMA | Matagorda Island WMA aerial view

Guadalupe Delta WMA

720 Calhoun County: Mission Lake Unit | Mission Lake Unit aerial map
723 and 724 Refugio County: Guadalupe River Unit and Hynes Bay Unit | Guadalupe River Unit and Hynes Bay Unit aerial map

1743 Cameron County: Resaca de la Palma State Park | Resaca De La Palma SP aerial view

Las Palomas WMA - Locator Map

744 Cameron County: Anacua Unit | Anacua Unit aerial map
714 Cameron County: Carricitos Unit | Carricitos Unit aerial map
719 Cameron County: Ebony Unit | Ebony Unit aerial map
741 Cameron County: Longoria Unit | Longoria Unit aerial map
740 Cameron County: Tucker Unit | Tucker Unit aerial map
739 Cameron/Willacy Counties: Arroyo Colorado Unit | Arroyo Colorado Unit aerial map
710 Hidalgo County: Baird Unit | Baird Unit aerial map
715 Hidalgo County: Taormina Unit | Taormina Unit aerial map
718 Hidalgo County: Chapote Unit | Chapote Unit aerial map

2393 DeWitt County: Burns West | Burns West aerial view

700 Dimmit/LaSalle Counties: Chaparral WMA | Chaparral WMA aerial map

2418 Frio County: Mimosa Farms 526 | Mimosa Farms 526 aerial view

2460 Frio County: Keystone | Keystone aerial view

2461 Frio County: Ross | Ross aerial view

Frio County Complex

2471 Bigfoot | Bigfoot aerial view
2475 Noth Bigfoot | North Bigfoot aerial view

2472 Frio County: FM 140 | FM 140 aerial view

2378 Frio/LaSalle Counties: Mimosa Farms | Mimosa Farms aerial view

Guadalupe County Complex

2356 Engel Road | Engel Road aerial view
2357 Green Valley Road | Green Valley Road aerial view
2358 Weil Road | Weil Road aerial view

2078 Jim Wells County: Tovar Ranch | Tovar Ranch aerial view

2081 Jim Wells County: South Alice | South Alice aerial view

2082 Jim Wells County: Hornsby East and West | Hornsby East and West aerial view

2260 Kleberg County: South Kingsville | South Kingsville aerial view

2292 Kleberg County: URI | URI aerial view

2476 Kleberg County: Haffy | Haffy aerial view

Kleberg County Complex

2280 Radicha Creek | Radicha Creek aerial view
2293 North Vattman | North Vattman aerial view
2294 Drum Point | Drum Point aerial view

2447 LaSalle County: Ayala Road | Ayala Road aerial view

2479 LaSalle County: Fowlerton | Fowlerton aerial view

713 Live Oak/McMullen Counties: James Daughtrey WMA | James Daughtrey WMA aerial map

Public Hunt Region 1 - Panhandle

Public Hunt Region 2 - Trans-Pecos

Public Hunt Region 3 - Central Texas

Public Hunt Region 4 - Dallas/Ft. Worth

Public Hunt Region 5 - Pineywoods

Public Hunt Region 6 - Austin/Waco

Public Hunt Region 7 - Houston/Beaumont

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