Wildlife Research Goals and Status

Wildlife Research Goal

The goal of 'wildlife research' is to adequately fund and support relevant, quality and feasible research through public and private partnerships consistent with TPWD statutes, policies and resources. Quality and reliability of research results are preferred over quantity of projects completed. Experimental (manipulative) and observational research with some control, replication and random selection are preferred. The Wildlife Division's primary research objectives are to seek answers to important management questions, inform the public through publications and other venues, and provide research opportunities for our staff for professional development.

If the proposed research does not request any TPWD grant funding, in-kind or personnel support then it need not be approved through this application review process. However, all other federal and state permitting or licensing requirements would still apply (i.e., handling, collecting, banding, marking or taking of migratory birds, threatened and endangered species or animal welfare requirements, etc).

Wildlife Research Status

TPWD Wildlife Research Program will accept new research proposals for FY15 October 1, 2013 through January 15, 2014. All proposals complying with these Application Instructions including those not addressing a specific Call for Proposals (CFPs) will be reviewed. However, preference will be given to those identified in response to CFPs.

Applications for grants under this Program must follow all posted guidelines, including the Application Instructions for Wildlife Research Grants. See Wildlife Research Goals and Status and Definitions for the purposes and limitations of this program (see Who is Eligible to Apply?).

Note, these guidelines and this process do not apply to TPWD - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service coordinated Section 6 Threatened and Endangered Species research. Guidelines for these grants may be found at Section 6 Grants.

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