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The Texas Brigades

Are you interested in wildlife and biology? Join The Texas Brigades!

The Texas Brigades is a wildlife-focused leadership development program for high school youth (ages 13-17). There are four different camps:

  1. Bobwhite Brigade,
  2. Buckskin Brigade,
  3. Feathered Forces and
  4. Bass Brigade.

Learn about habitat management, communication skills, and developing a land ethic. You'll meet and get to know top wildlife professionals and resource managers as instructors and mentors. Each camp is 4 ½ days long.

The camps are held on private ranches and at environmental camps in different areas of the state. In addition to learning animal anatomy and behavior, botany, nutrition, habitat management, population dynamics, etc., you will also learn valuable leadership skills. You will write news releases, practice public speaking, and find out how to handle radio and television interviews.

Through these activities, you'll develop valuable life skills that will help any career goals.

The Texas Brigades is a cooperative effort of Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas Wildlife Association, Texas Parks & Wildlife, USDA-NRCS, the Lower Colorado River Authority, the Texas Deer Association, the Mellon Foundation, Quail Unlimited, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. The Brigades are supported by numerous individuals, private businesses, foundations, and other non-profit organizations.

If you know someone interested in biology, conservation or appreciates the outdoors, please invite them to learn more about the Texas Brigades.  If you know an adult who might want to volunteer as an adult leader please let us know.  Additional details are available at the Texas Brigades website:  www.texasbrigades.org

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